Santa Barbara Holiday

For our anniversary and my birthday this year, both occur a week apart in August, Peter and I decided to sweep away to Santa Barbara.  This is a sentimental location for us as we spent our honeymoon there 13 years ago.  Yes, I’ve just dated myself, 13 years ago.  We have of course returned as often as circumstances allow and the time is always a little magical to us.  So, what do two photographers do when left to their own devices for 3 days?  Shoot, shoot, dine & shoot.  Can’t beat it out of us.   I suppose we like what we do.

I’ve realized that photography, to me, isn’t just about the production of photos.  In fact, if I was never allowed to develop the film from this trip I still would have spent the majority of my time with a camera pressed up against my face.  I think this is because the use of the camera helps me to explore people, places and things.  Nestled comfortably behind a black box of some sort or another, I’m free to interpret the world as I see fit. I understand it through documenting it and for this aspect of the art form I’m incredibly grateful.  Anything that will aid in my feeling able to connect to things and being inspired by them deserves that gratitude.

Thank you.