New York City

Bona & Sang – New York City & Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Britt Chudleigh - Photographer


Britt Chudleigh - Photographer


Britt Chudleigh - Photographer


Britt Chudleigh - Photographer


Britt Chudleigh - Photographer


Britt Chudleigh - Photographer

Britt Chudleigh - Photographer

Britt Chudleigh - Photographer

Britt Chudleigh - Photographer


Britt Chudleigh - Photographer


Britt Chudleigh - Photographer www.chudleighweddings.comUntitled-155

Britt Chudleigh - Photographer

Wedding Planner: Claudia Hanlin of The Wedding Library
Pre Wedding Portraits: Central Park and Upper East Side, Manhattan
Wedding Venue: Blue Hill at Stone Barns
Florist: Poppies & Posies
Videography: Kiss the Bride Films
Hair & Makeup: Ombre by EJ Kim                                             Welcome Dinner & Korean Ceremony: Piora
Getting Ready Hotel: The Mark Hotel New York






Sheena & Bryan – A Manhattan Engagement

A fabulously stylish couple, Sheena & Bryan work and reside in Manhattan.  Sheena is the Accessories Editor for Teen Vouge so it came as no suprise to see them impeccibly dressed as we bounced around the city, visiting old haunts, their engagement site and various nostalgic locations.   Of course, their wedding was just as beautiful and chic as one would expect.  Can’t wait to share those photos with you as well but until then, enjoy this litle tour of NYC.


Whirlwind New York

A few weeks ago Pete and I had a last minute opportunity to throw a trip to NYC together.  So, away we threw…planning to shoot portfolio Bridal Portraits of the lovely Kimmy and play it up like tourists for the rest of the trip.  Then, as it turned out, we discovered a couple of my favorite people, Tessa Woolf, editor of Utah Bride & Groom Magazine and Hilary Anderson, owner of Alta Moda Bridal, would be there at the same time for work and they asked if we wanted to shoot at Bridal Market with them.  We had to think about it for oh, say, a fraction of a second and then scrambled to rearrange thing so we could fit in the Priscilla of Boston show.

It was a little crazy but oh so worth it.  My brain was on sensory overload and I loved every second of it.  I learned of my untapped capability to run on no sleep and walk for hours on end.  Note to self for the future:  it is possible to hop straight off a red eye and attack the city for three straight days, but lets not try that one again.  I won’t bore you with every single detail but here is a rundown of some of the highlights for us.

Two glorious days were spent roaming the city with no agenda at all, just soaking up all things NYC….eating, shooting, strolling, walking, did I mention eating?  My legs have walked the streets of this city several times before but I saw it with new eyes this time.  Not sure what made the difference but I am now officially smitten.  It felt like the early stages of a new relationship and I cannot wait until we can return.

Low, dark clouds, wind and rain followed us the first two days.  So moody.

We loved it.

Had to walk through Central Park to the East side to swing by the Guggenheim.  I am  the daughter of a talented architect so it comes as no surprise that I am a Frank Lloyd Wright lover.  It was amazing to see, with my own eyes, this masterpiece he created in the twilight of his career.

We tried, oh how we tried, to finish “The Woody Allen”, or as I like to call it, “Here’s Your Personal Cured Cow”.   Thank goodness for the hours of walking that followed.  Of course that walking just happened to take us to the Magnolia Bakery in West Village for cupcakes, (are you seeing the pattern yet!)

It rained and I mean rained on us.  Had we been with the kids I think a cab or the subway would have been necessary since we found ourselves on 40th something and had to get to 72nd, but we just rolled with it.  The sounds and colors of the city were amplified in such a dreamy way.  We just couldn’t experience it properly from a cab or our hotel room.

Such a common sight that we both felt it necessary, on separate occasions, to document it.


Just give me a blanket, I’m moving in.  After several hours the old lady in me had to give in to the aching back.  We finally submitted to the fact that we couldn’t see and process everything in one visit.  Must return.  What a gem.

You know you have your branding nailed when all you have to do is illuminate your logo above ground like a homing beacon, waiting to descend your consumers into your sexy little grotto below.

Apple. Gets. It.

Next up, a day of “work”.  We met Kimmy and her husband, Chris, early in the morning at our hotel on the West Side.  After enjoying a breakfast of bagels and orange juice we hit the streets.  Ladies, if you ever want a pick me up, look like Kimmy, put on a wedding dress and walk around Central Park.  I can’t even count how many people stopped us to tell Kimmy how lovely she is or congratulate her and Chris.  Of course it helps when the model is stunning, the gown is fabulous and the groom is devastatingly handsome.

You know, this just articulates one of the reasons I love this industry.  I love weddings.  I love people in love and apparently, so does New York.  We have shot in public places in our hometown before and were not met with this enthusiastic response.  It was a little magical.

Moving right along…we finished up the shoot with some rockin burgers at the Shake Shack, took a moment to back up photos and change, then scooted off to the Priscilla show.  We met Tessa, Hilary and Justin outside the venue and took a ride up the largest elevator I have ever been in up to the studio where the show took place.  Pete and I took our places in the pit and just had a great time shooting some beautiful clothing on beautiful women in a killer setting.  Again, artistic napalm.  At the show we also met up with the wonderful Lara Casey and her crew- (if you do in fact live on the planet Earth and are in the wedding industry you already know of her).  She blew my mind at MTH 2010 and WedSmith and I now feel lucky to call her my friend.  Sweetheart, genius business mind and just all around great person.

Lara organized a group dinner at Blu Fin (located in the Times Square W Hotel) .  Of course dinner wouldn’t have been complete without TessaHilary andJustin whom we just can’t get enough of and we had the pleasure of meeting some new faces including Lara’s assistant, Marissa Kloess and photographersMichael NorwoodTrent & Dara and Fred Egan.  Turned out to be a really cool group of people and a fabulous culmination to our weekend in NYC.  Can’t wait for bridal market next year!

From left, me, Michael Norwood, Dara Kent-Cobb, Trent Bailey Cobb, Lara Casey, Hilary Anderson, Peter Chudleigh, Justin Goodson, Tessa Woolf, Marissa Kloess & Fred Egan